The Last Outbreak: SALVATION

Some wounds never heal.

Ethan Runner can’t seem to outpace the demons from his past or those now haunting his every thought. He’s falling deeper into the abyss that has begun to consume his life and now returns to the only thing he knows. Will Ethan find his way back or is this where he and his friends finally meet their end?

A war is coming.

Outside the walls of their new home there are others that have begun to lay claim to the seemingly secured High School and will stop at nothing to take it over. When all hell breaks loose, what will they do? Where will they go? And is survival even an option?

“Vicious. Heartbreaking. Heroic. A nonstop adrenaline rush from beginning to end.”

SALVATION, the story is far from over.


The Next World: EXISTENCE (Coming Soon)

Where Mason Thomas and Ethan Runner finally meet.

It has been eighteen months since Project Ares brought the world to its knees and our small group of survivors have finally found the perfect home to start to rebuild … or have they?

“I absolutely cannot wait for this!!”

The Next World is a rocket-fueled, adrenaline rush set in the best-selling post-apocalyptic world you have come to know from The Dead Years and The Last Outbreak.

“The story is told in a real and believable way, no superheros, no Rambos … the characters could be any of us. Scary exciting and heart-wrenching!

You’ll never look at the Zombie Apocalypse the same way again.