The Last Outbreak: REVOLUTION

No one knew how or where the end of the world started.

At dawn, Ethan Runner walked away from his friends and out into the deserted streets of what was left of Las Vegas. Four hours later, exhausted and out of time, he begins to realize that he may not be alone. Will his relentless search continue or is this finally where it all ends?

In the former offices of BXF Technologies, Marcus Goodwin is ready to take back what is rightfully his; however, James Dalton has other plans. He’s through following the orders of a deranged sociopath and watching good people die. It’s time to change the game.

Back in California, we again find Emma and Tom running for their lives. With the number of infected growing and their options limited, they are forced back out into the streets.

Will they ever find the safe haven they so desperately desire or does the darkened city have other plans for the unfortunate pair?


The Last Outbreak: SALVATION (Coming Soon)

The Dead Years has a new friend…

The Last Outbreak is a companion series to TDY that is scheduled for a five book run.

“I’m really looking forward to this!!”

The Last Outbreak will be set in the same world as The Dead Years, however we will get to meet an all new cast of characters, set in a brand new location and fighting a completely different group of undead. Things get bad for our new friends very quickly.

“Hurry Jeff! Can’t wait for this one!”

“I’m so ready for this new book! Love these awesome adventures!”

You’ll never look at the Zombie Apocalypse the same way again.